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“Lithuanian Shorts 2023–2024” catalogue presents 33 newest short films

Just ahead of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market, the Lithuanian Short Film Agency “Lithuanian Shorts” unveils 31 newest short films selected for a yearly catalogue “Lithuanian Shorts 2023–2024.” This selection includes fresh short films ready for their premiere, titles already with international recognition as well as film projects in the final stage. 

The filmmakers of the selected films skillfully craft diverse stories that explore relevant topics, ranging from the impact of artificial intelligence on human existence and the creation of interpersonal relationships to the resolution of ethical dilemmas, the struggle to explain one’s identity, the courage to embrace otherness, and the encounter with maturity. This year, the “Lithuanian Shorts” catalog features a total of 33 short films – 21 fiction, 7 animation, 2 experimental, and 3 documentary films.

Since 2012, the “Lithuanian Shorts” agency has annually curated and presented a catalogue featuring the latest Lithuanian short films, aiming to enhance the visibility of Lithuanian cinema not only nationally but also internationally. The catalogue targets film industry professionals, including international film festival programmers, distributors, producers, TV buyers, talents scouts and sales agents.

The curation of the “Lithuanian Shorts 2023–2024” virtual catalogue is supported by the Lithuanian Film Center, which emphasizes the commitment to fostering the visibility and recognition of Lithuanian short films on the global cinematic stage.