Baltic Women in Film Mentorship

„Baltic Women in Film Mentorship“ is the first mentorship program exclusively for women in film and TV industries of the Baltic states. Through the mentorship activities, the network seeks both to pay attention to gender equality and to increase the exchange of best practice, knowledge, contacts, and interest in the Baltic film culture. The goal of „Baltic Women in Film Mentorship“ is to encourage women to develop their professional skills, competencies and create new audiovisual projects or services. 

Mentorship program welcomes women from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as Ukrainian women, who currently reside in the Baltic countries. Participants who already work in film or TV industries and would like to change or continue their careers by deepening their professional knowledge and networking are welcome to apply. 20 participants will be selected to take part in the “Baltic Women in Film Mentorship 2021-2022” program.

Duration of the program – 7 months (from October 2022 to April 2023).

The working language of the program is English.

The “Baltic Women in Film Mentorship” program is organized by Lithuanian short film agency “Lithuanian Shorts” together with “Women in Film & Television Lithuania” association, in partnership with Vilnius International Film Festival, Riga International Film Festival, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, EWA European Women’s Audiovisual Network, AVAKA and Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Lithuania.


Application is closed.

Rules and regulations: here.

Eligible participants

Who can apply

The application is available for women who are citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or have a right of a permanent residence in the countries mentioned above, and who:
– Working in different areas of film and TV industries;
– Are up to the age of 30;
– Are willing to change the professional path or continue her career in film/TV industries;
– Willing to deepen professional knowledge or widen her horizons in different areas of film/ TV industries;
– Eager to learn/be coached by the industry professional;
– Can attend the program fully – participate in all the online/on-site events.

Guest participants from Ukraine

This year BWiFM Young Talents Edition welcomes 5 women working in the film and TV industries from Ukraine who reside in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

Selection criteria:

– Applicant’s motivation will be the key selection criterion;
– Clarity of their specific goal set for the mentorship program;
– Participant’s experience, motivation and professional growth potential.

Mentorship program structure

Over the course of 7 months, from October 2022 to April 2023, the participants will be involved in coaching sessions with their mentors, self-education webinars on mental health, mentorship, leadership, negotiations and self-promotion and similar themes, as well as industry events, during Estonian (PÖFF), Latvian (Riga IFF) and Lithuanian (Vilnius IFF) film festivals.

Baltic Women in Film Mentorship 2021-2022

For the first year of this initiative, 44 applications have been submitted. 15 mentees of the three Baltic countries have been chosen to take part in the mentorship activities.


Jogilė Ramoškaitė, content creator and actress

Indrė Juškutė, film director 

Vilma Razmutė, graphic designer and animator 

Ilona Stankevičienė, producer 

Bon Alog, visual artist



Gunda Bergmane, producer 

Zane Buksa, junior producer 

Līga Požarska, film journalist 

Beatrise Maija Krievina, art director and production designer 

Alise Zariņa, film director and writer 



Jaanika Arum, film director, writer and actress 

Nadya Tjuška, filmmaker 

Birk Rohelend, screenwriter 

Ragne Mandri, film director and writer 

Bojana Babic, film director and writer

Baltic Women in Film Mentorship 2022-2023


Vesta Tučkutė, film director and producer

Milda Buškevičiūtė, student

Milda Valiulytė, film curator and programmer

Salvija Vaičikonytė, illustrator



Ieva Aleksejeva, filmmaker

Ilze Bloka, director and performer

Linda Rudene, playwright

Anna Konovalova, cinematographer



Doris Tääker, director

Vivian Melder, screenwriter, director and producer

Emel-Elizabeth Tuulik, film critic

Anna-Maria Jams, foley artist



Vira Kravchuk, scriptwriter