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Lithuanian Film Days in Malta showcase short animation for kids

From captivating drama to animated adventures – there is surely something to excite cinema fans at the third edition of Lithuanian Film Days in Malta this 8-10 March. Initiated by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Italian Republic, the event invites local cinema goers watch feature and short films of prominent Lithuanian filmmakers, full programme – here.

“Lithuanian Shorts” presents a Lithuanian short film animation programme “Animated Adventures and Other Thrilling Stories”. The screening will take place in Spazju Kreattiv Cinema (Valeta) at 11 am, 9th of March.

This special programme of short animated films will take the audience on a journey to colourful, mysterious, funny, and heartfelt worlds created by renowned Lithuanian filmmakers. Be prepared to fall in love with the amusing prankster, Mr. Night, reminisce about the aroma of grandma’s pancakes, discover the miracle of life, and follow the enigmatic white ribbon. The program comprises four films, each made in a different animation technique, from computer-generated images to stop-motion to puppet animation. The films delicately touch upon various themes such as family and relationships, death and rebirth, everyday life, and new adventures. 


Duration: 30 min.

*For 5-9 year old kids.

All films are without dialogues.


Films in a programme:


Mr. Night has a Day Off / Pono Nakties laisvadienis


2016 / Animation / 00:02 / Lithuania

Why is the night changing the day? When you don’t like something, you change it.


Noroutine / Nerutina

DIRECTOR: Juratė Samulionytė

2007 / fiction/animation / 00:15 / Lithuania

As usual, Henrikas wakes up and goes to his job every morning. But today is the day, when he suddenly finds a mysterious white ribbon. Follow where the white line flows. Escape routine.


Grandma’s Pancakes / Močiutės blynai

DIRECTORS: Dominyka Adomaitytė, Vykintas Labanauskas

2019 / Animation / 00:02 / Lithuania

It’s a film about a grandmother patiently waiting for a visit.


Running Lights / Kaukai

DIRECTOR: Gediminas Šiaulys

2017 / Animation / 00:11 / Lithuania

This is a story about the eternal miracle of life and death. The unfortunate death of a wild hare turns into a remarkable experience for children who find his body and bury it in a sand box. Now buried, the hare’s life fades away and dozens of magical creatures that lived inside him leave his body in search for a new home. The hare’s life ends by merging with nature, but is reborn in the plants and animals around it. This fairy-tale for children encourages us to think about what death is.