Lithuanian Shorts Mentorship

Lithuanian Shorts Mentorship is a new initiative of Lithuanian Short Film Agency “Lithuanian Shorts” launched in 2019. It is an eight-month mentorship program dedicated to Lithuanian women from all disciplines and areas of film and television.

Selected participants are paired with experienced industry professionals who have high motivation to share their gained knowledge and experience and who guide them through the career challenges and help them to dive deeper into specific industry areas. During the period of the program selected participants receive at least eight individual consultations with experienced industry figures and an intensive program of seminars, training workshops and networking opportunities.

The goal of Lithuanian Shorts Mentorship is to help women discover their talents, provide the missing knowledge, encourage them to discover new professional development opportunities, and motivate them to pursue their careers in film and television.

We encourage applications from all disciplines and areas of the film and television industries, including creative, technical and business roles.

The main sponsor of the project is Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Project sponsors