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“Comic Con Baltics”: Special programme of Jonas Trukanas SECRET WORLDS

“Comic Con Baltics” is an annual popular culture event held in Vilnius, Lithuania exhibition centre “Litexpo”. The 2019 event will take place on September 21st and 22nd.
Lithuanian Short Film Agency together with “Comic Con Baltics” presents LITHUANIAN SHORTS CINEMA HALL. Come and see many original, colourful and inspiring short films created by promising filmmakers from Lithuania and other European countries.
Find “Comic Con Baltics” programme here
Special programme of Jonas Trukanas SECRET WORLDS
This special focus programme presents three short films made by Lithuanian filmmaker Jonas Trukanas who always looks for distinct auteur expression. Jonas is representing the generation of young Lithuanian filmmakers. He has studied film directing in University for the Creative Arts, Farnham and is now actively working in the field of commercial and cinema directing.
Total duration: 43 minutes
Screening: 21 September, Saturday, 17:00 and 22 September, Sunday, 16:00
Programme films:
When The Lights Go Out / Užgesus šviesoms
dir. Jonas Trukanas / fiction / 2019 / 13’
After getting bullied into getting naked and dancing in front of the camera, on his very first day in a new school, a quiet teenage boy Mantas unleashes his guardian demon, who will not stop until it kills every single one of his bullies. As Mantas’ demon chases his bullies through the school, Mantas starts to feel the price of his own revenge.
The Trolleybus-Man / Žmogus Vielabraukis
dir. Jonas Trukanas / fiction / 2016 / 15’
“The Trolleybus-Man” is an absurd superhero comedy about a mechanic turned superhero who’s fighting to preserve thing he loves the most – the trolleybuses.
Ghost I Don‘t Remember / Vaiduoklis, kurio neprisimenu
dir. Jonas Trukanas / fiction / 2015 / 15’
The home of elderly teacher Vilmutė is haunted. And ghost happened to be quite an irritation – it would not let Vilmutė sleep, ruin her insistent routine and… it smokes inside the flat. But ghost did not know that it is messing with a wrong grandmother – Vilmutė’s home is her stronghold. So she will do anything it takes to get back the former peace and tranquility of her home.