Ieva Šakalytė

Ieva Šakalytė (b. 1991) gained an MA degree in Film Directing from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2016. She’s currently freelancing with cinema and TV projects.


Dear Teresa / Miela Terese (2012, short fiction)
Sorry / Atsiprašau (2012, short fiction)
Verksmas / Cry (2013, short fiction)
Listen (2012, music video)
Good morning (2013, fiction)
Hypnose (2013, music video)
Waiting For Her / Trys paros prie mylimosios slenksčio (2014, short fiction)
There Are No Tulips / Tulpių nėra (2016, short fiction)
Lady, Van and The Free Man / Panelė, autobusiukas ir laisvas žmogus (2019, short documentary)
Becoming Animal / Virstant žvėrim (2020, short fiction)