Antanas Skučas

Antanas Skučas – director, animator, artist. Antanas is a graduate of M. K. Čiurlionis National Art School (gymnasium). In 2008 he got degree of the Master of Arts, graduating the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts with his diploma work – Lithuanian mithological beings.

His filmography includes the Copy of Paste (2006) – a humorist movie about computer icons living their own lives in a computer world, “Nebaigta pasaka (“Unfinished Story”) – movie on the massive die-off of a beehive. He worked together with his professor Ilja Bereznickas on the movie “Cyber Pirate”.


Unfinished Story /Nebaigta pasaka (2007, short animation)

Vaikystės dienoraštis (2009, short animation)

Illusion / Iliuzija (2016, short animation)

Digital Voodoo / Skaitmeninis Voodoo (2020, short animation)