Baltic Shorts Residency

Baltic Shorts Residency is a new initiative of Lithuanian Short Film Agency LITHUANIAN SHORTS that started in 2019. It is a three-weeks short film script development residency program dedicated to the filmmakers from Baltic countries who are willing to dive deep into the writing process along with professional consultations. Its purpose is to give 3 selected participants the opportunity to be mentored by the creative advisor, script consultant Wim Vanacker (3-day intensive script workshop at the residency location and 2-3 online sessions). After this residency program participant is committed to apply to Baltic Pitching Forum.

Eligible applicants – Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian film directors and scriptwriters who have finished at least one short film project and are developing new project which is fiction/animation up to 30 minutes and aimed at international audience.

Baltic Shorts Residency 2021 will take place on 1-20 June 2021, in Kintai (Lithuania).

The submission to the 3rd edition of Baltic Shorts Residency is closed. All applicants will be informed about selection results by email in the first week of May 2021.

Regulations: here.


The main sponsor of the project is Lithuanian Council for Culture, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture. Partners: Kintai Arts, Estonian Short Film Centre, PÖFF Shorts | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Riga International Film Festival, Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS.

Baltic Shorts Residency 2019

Over more than 30 applications were submitted to the first edition of Baltic Shorts Residency. Selected was Estonian fiction film  project “The Lesson” (new title – “Jungle. Law”) written and directed by Madli Lääne.

A story of the project is based on the real facts happened in Estonia few years ago. It will talk about a group of teenagers and their humiliating behaviour toward young innocent girl. “I am interested in the borderline moments, where the situation gets out of the hands of the teenagers, mainly because of their lack of the life experience and self confidence,” – said Madli Lääne.

The “Baltic Shorts Residency” took place on June 3-21 at “Kintai Arts” artspace (Lithuania). During three-weeks residency period Madli Lääne had script consultations – several online sessions and one intensive script workshop at the residency location – with the creative advisor Wim Vanacker.

M. Lääne project Jungle.Law has already featured in many pitching sessions and industry events such as the 2019 Baltic Pitching Forum and MIDPOINT Shorts.

Read the interview with M. Lääne about her experience in the Baltic Shorts Residency here.

Baltic Shorts Residency 2020

Three Baltic filmmakers were selected to participate at the 2nd edition of Baltic Shorts Residency. Filmmaker from Latvia Raitis Abele (project “Tool”), Lithuanian emerging film director Jorūnė Greičiūtė (project “The Trip”) and Estonian scriptwriter Jaanika Arum (project “Skin of a Mandarin”) were chosen over more than 30 received applications. Baltic Shorts Residency 2020 took place on 1-19 of June in Kintai (Lithuania). Selected participants had online script consultations with creative advisor Wim Vanacker. 

Latvian filmmaker Raitis Abele was selected for his short animation project “Tool” which tells a mysterious story moving the viewers to the 16th-18th centuries and Latvian lands — Courland’s Duke Gotthard brings a box with a secret plant that is thought to have therapeutic powers to treat infertility. It is planned to use a mix of 2D, classical animation and rotoscoping techniques in the production of Raitis’ short film. R. Abele has studied filmmaking at New York Film Academy and also obtained Master’s degree as a clinical psychologist at University of Latvia. Mostly he works together with his brothers Lauris Abele (also a director) and Marcis Abele (d.o.p.) as a trio. Most recent works are historical docudrama “Baltic Tribes | Last Pagans of Europe” and psychedelic cinema trip a dramedy “Troubled Minds” (to be released late 2020).

An emerging film director from Lithuania Jorūnė Greičiūtė came to the residency with the short fiction project “The Trip”. It tells a story about a young couple traveling the foreign roads to a seminar of a famous relationship guru but suddenly after a night in the middle of nowhere their car disappears. J. Greičiūtė studied Philosophy at Vilnius University from 2009 to 2013. After these studies Jorūnė started working in the film industry on various international and Lithuanian projects as a costume continuity person. From 2016 she started working as a script supervisor and in 2018 started MA studies in Film Directing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Estonian scriptwriter Jaanika Arum passed the selection applying with a short film project “Skin of a Mandarin”. It is a sensitive story about ingrained traditions and beliefs through a world of a young Orthodox woman, whose mother has freshly passed away. Jannika Arum graduated Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as an actress. She has a variety of experiences playing both, in films and theatres. For a wider audience she is mostly known for her work in films: “Free Range” by Veiko Õunpuu, “Polarboy” by Anu Aun, “Days that confused” by Triin Ruumet. She has also created two solo performances: “Falling. Together. Moment” (Tartu New Theatre, 2015), “Betweenspace” (Von Krahl, 2017). She has collaborated with different international and local artists for video and room installations.

Two projects – “The Tool” by Raitis Abele and “Skin of a Mandarin” by Jaanika Aarum – were selected for the 8th edition of the Baltic Pitching Forum that took place on 7-9 October 2020 virtually. Jaanika Aarum was awarded the EURO CONNECTION prize – participant rights at the European Coproduction forum EURO CONNECTION 2021.

Baltic Shorts Residency 2021

“Baltic Shorts Residency” announces official selection results for its third edition. A film director from Lithuania Akvilė Gelažiūtė (project “2.2 Atmospheres or Medium Pressure”), Estonian director and scriptwriter Juri Krutii (project “Side Hesitation”) and Latvian filmmaker Žanete Skarule (project “Big Loop – Small Loop”)

Lithuanian fiction and documentary film director Akvilė Gelažiūtė was selected for the “Baltic Shorts Residency” for her short fiction project “2.2 Atmospheres or Medium Pressure”. The story revolves around the main protagonist Gabija – whilst she and her boyfriend can’t decide whether to buy a male or female puppy, the girl is suddenly invited to return home because of the death of a distant relative. This journey starts to reveal why this choice is so difficult to make. A. Gelažiūtė is a doctoral student of Film Directing at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. Her feature documentary “Deminas: The Two Towers” (2015) won as The Best Student Movie of the year at Lithuanian National Film Awards “Silver Crane”. Currently, she is working as a lecturer of Media Production in VilniusTech University and doing artistic research on the topic “Absurd Humor Strategies in Cinema”.

An emerging film director and scriptwriter from Estonia Juri Krutii will come to the residency with the short fiction project “Side Hesitation”. “Side Hesitation” is an unnoticeable yet complex move used in ballroom dancing’s staple dance routine of waltz. The story follows a young teen Madis and his struggle with jealousy and own sexual awakening in the setting of competitive ballroom dancing. As his confusion escalates, he finds himself cornered and makes decisions that puts everything he loves on the line. J. Krutii’s film background takes root in film studies and has then developed in practice resulting with an MFA in writing/directing from Screen Academy of Scotland as well as the UK-wide well received debut short “Eudaimonia” (2018). Heavily influenced by theory and cinema of immersion, Juri strives to create culturally relevant and visually compelling work.

Latvian filmmaker Žanete Skarule passed the selection of this year’s “Baltic Shorts Residency” applying with a short film project “Big Loop – Small Loop”. It is a sensitive story about a freshman architecture student Pauls who has discovered feelings for his professor Kalns, yet 1970s Soviet Union is a complicated background for this relationship. Over the years, Ž. Skarule has worked in film production in New York and Los Angeles, where she also graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with an MFA in film directing. Žanete works with different genres and techniques – fiction, documentary, experimental, and installation – using both analog and digital mediums. Her debut award-winning documentary “Flying Monks Temple” (2017) tells a story of a utopian architectural object created for flying performances at the top of sacred Songshan mountain in China. Besides filmmaking, Žanete is involved in art and film curation.

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