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SHORT, YET DAY: adult animation programme WTF

In celebration of the International Short Film Day on December 21st, Lithuanian short film agency LITHUANIAN SHORTS together with Annecy International Animated Film Festival (France) presents exclusive program for adults WTF featuring 17 animated short films from all over the world. If you love weird, crazy, dark and kinky films, this programme is for you!
Form and content, these are the main ingredients of the short films in the WTF2019 programme. Just add a pinch of humour, a spurt of political criticism, a drop of dreamy tales and a snippet of gratuitous malice for a blend that’ll leave you dumbstruck. Unless perhaps you slipped into the wrong room, in which case do not call 911 because no one can help you. No matter if the films are animated or not, 2D or 3D, when you leave the WTF2019 session, you’ll feel a changed person… or else not. Still a few doubts remaining? To get to the bottom of the matter, figure it out for yourself by attending this adult-oriented programme, offbeat in form and content, just like it says at the start of this blurb. For all complaints, please contact your general practitioner.
Partners: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Audiovisual Works Copyright Association AVAKA.
Duration: 83 min. (17 filmų)
Audience: N-18
Films have English subtitles
Venue: cinema “Pasaka”, Šv. Ignoto str. 4, Vilnius
Tickets: online or at the cinema
December 17 d. 19 p.m.
December 20 d. 19 p.m.
WTF event on facebook.
We Are Future Shock
Director: Zohar Dvir
United Kingdom / 2019 / 00:04:22
A Grizzly bear, Jesus Christ and Elvis Presley find utopias in an unsatisfying life.
Director: Risto Kütt
Estonia / 2018 / 00:04:05
A barmaid is not impressed by the size of the whiskey and beer glasses. One day after the bar closes, she tries out new ways of mixing a perfect Boilermaker. From that drink forward everything goes surreal-silly-odd and very stupid.
Lust of Hunt
Director: Monta Andzevevska
Latvia / 2018 / 00:04:04
The routine of an online computer game player is disrupted by another player. The main character abandons the rules of the game to keep this new friendship.
Director: Priit Tender
Estonia / 2019 / 00:12:48
Orpheus can enchant everyone with his music, even animals and plants. His song can also rescue his beloved Euredice from the underworld, under one condition – Orpheus must reach the land of the living before looking to see if his love is following him.
Développement personnel
Director: Rémy Petit
France / 2018 / 00:05:51
A person is sitting on the sofa. This person is reading a self-help book. This book recommends that this person cuts himself in half.
Gokiburi Taisou / Cockroach Calisthenics
Director: Sawako Kabuki
United States / 2018 / 00:02:33
What is “Cockroach Calisthenics”? It is an original song that was conceived in 2009 and has been sung till now somewhere in the world.
Director: Ben Couzens
United Kingdom / 2018 / 00:01:51
On a floating arid void island, one sided bullying from a malicious eye torments the other inhabitant, a boy, until an event goes too far leading to an unexpected end for both of them.
Wild Love
Directors: Paul Autric, Quentin Camus Durand, Léa, Georges Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux, Corentin Yvergniaux
France / 2018 / 00:06:55
On a romantic getaway, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident. This crime will not go unpunished.
Baby Baby
Directors: Nikhil Markale, Aggelos Papantoniou
Australia / 2019 / 00:01:05
A baby plays with his toys on a sunny afternoon.
Ça mouille! / It’s Wet!
Directors: Nan Huang, Alexis Godard
France / 2018 / 00:07:20
A narcissistic woman lives happily in her own world, ignoring the natural cycle that she is a part of, until she reaches the limits of her egotism and she needs to quickly find a solution for the malfunctions she has caused.
Director: Kirill Khachaturov
Russia / 2019 / 00:07:10
A fantasy world in which ordinary, unimposing characters live. Nothing unusual happens to them in this world. They walk, sit, stand, get bored in the wind, and sometimes they dance.
Pink Phantom
Directors: Turun Anikistit (Collective)
Finland / 2019 / 00:04:01
A deceptively narrative story about a pink hero.
Director: Arnaldo Galvão
Brasil / 2019 / 00:01:00
It is time for new proposals. For political skill and tolerance. Of living with differences and respecting them. The giant challenges and the complex reality impose the need for pragmatic proposals.
Virgin Wind
Director: Sasha Svirsky
Russia / 2018 / 00:02:57
Reality demands radical changes in the construction of a human being.
Tom Has a Plant
Director: Thinh Duc Nguyen
Denmark / 2019 / 00:06:00
Tom has a plant. He just wants to give it to the one he loves.
I Have Problems
Director: Zsuzsanna Debreczeni
Hungary / 2018 / 00:06:43
This is a representation of bad relationships and destructive environments through my personal experiences.
Director: Shota Shimizu
Japan / 2018 / 00:03:51
Always full of energy, Yonpey goes on errand!