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New co-production project: puppet animation film “Last Stop Is The Moon”

New co-production project between Poland and Lithuania is in production this summer. Puppet animation film “Last Stop Is The Moon” will be 10 minutes long. Director and script: Birutė Sodeikaitė. Producers – Likaon (Poland), Justyna Rucińska, Wojtek Leszczyński, Anna Mroczek. Co-production – Art shot (Lithuania), Agnė Adomėnė. Film will be released in 2017.
In the imaginary world, created by a little boy, lives peacefully Unicorn, who rises to the challenge of boy’s imagination. Unfortunately world he lives in, changes instantly. Both boy and Unicorn need to accept it and adapt to new conditions. Film presents whole process of building personality of a young man, it shows moments of losing connection with children world, in which people destroy part of themselves and start to functionate as adults in world full of schedules and routine. Portrayed reality has colourful, fairy tale character, it is symbolic and full of hidden meanings.
More information: here.