Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree

In the town, where Hopscotch lives, is full of joy because Christmas is approaching. Every house is decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations. All except one… Barbora was soo busy with organizing Christmas party that she totally forgot about Christmas tree! Hopscotch takes the initiative and brings old artificial Christmas tree from the attic, friends gather around to see it. However, when the artificial Christmas tree breaks, difficult task awaits: in the short period of time till the Christmas party they need to find new Christmas tree. Friends run around town, looking for a perfect Christmas tree, but all the shops are closing, the evening is approaching, and Christmas tree is nowhere to find. In desperate moment friends start panicking, but Hopscotch remembers that the key to happiness can become the ability to see an old thing from a new perspective. At the last moment, she finds an unexpected solution right under her nose: the old apple tree in the garden could be their Christmas tree! Friends decorate the apple tree together with colourful Christmas decorations and everyone is very happy.


Production country
English, Lithuanian


Gabija Budreckytė, Inesa Ivanova, Tamsin Lyons
Katy Segrove
Remy Douyere
Sound designer
Payam Hosseinian
Dean Valentine
Antanas Skučas, Svetlana Bezuglova, Emilė Maigytė, Maksim Kryvanos
Production company
Kinomind Films (LT), Ink and Light Films (IE)
Production designer
Katerina Vykhodseva, Marija Benetytė, Ines Nirkko


Gabija Budreckytė

Director's biography

Katerina Vykhodseva

Katerina Lavrionova was born in Moscow, Russia in 1987. She was classically trained at Moscow Fine Art Watercolour School. Katerina graduated Production Design at the Russian national film school (VGIK). Having spent 6 years working and studying closely with animation directors and artists, she developed a true passion to the animation media and decided to complete her studies at the National Film and Television School in the UK. Katerina’s career is focused on animation and fine arts.


„Soggy and Doggy“ (2012, trumpametražis animacinis)

„The Sheet“ (2013, trumpametražis animacinis)

„Over the Neva“ (2014, trumpametražis animacinis)

„Soft and Only“ (2014, muzikinis klipas)

„Lermontov“, 2014, TV dokumentinė drama, animacijos ekstraktų režisierė, Rusija

„Decembrist Revolt“, 2015, TV dokumentika, animacijos režisierė, Rusija

„Šokliukė ir Kalėdų eglutė”/”Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree” (2018, trumpametražis animacinis)