Rastko Novaković

Rastko Novaković is an artist filmmaker. His practice is collaborative and over the years he has co/authored over 50 moving image works, ranging from 1 minute lyrical films, to feature length documentaries, experimental docu-fictions, campaigning films, music videos and multi-platform videos. He has exhibited sound works, outdoor installations, as well as a 15 meter long site-specific panorama. His work explores the recurrent themes of memory, landscape, the poetics of everyday life, social justice. He has a wide experience of media projects, having collaborated with a number of artists and filmmakers, as well as completed work commissioned by ArtLink (Serbia), Newham Council, Arts Express, London Southbank University. He was awarded artist-in-residence by The Leverhulme Trust (2009) and Arts Council England (2017/2018). He makes documentaries, experimental films and fiction films which vary in length from 1 min to 80 mins. His films include Deptford/Tributes (2009), Lebensraum/Living Space (2010), Concrete Heart Land (2014), Wormwood Maria (2021) and So kindly to the cold stone is the fire… (2022). He is active in the United Kingdom, Serbia and Lithuania.


Caprice / Kaprizas (2022, short fiction)
Wormwood Maria / Pelyno Marija (2021)
Where Were You in 1992? / Kur tu buvai 1992? (TBC)
Concrete Heart Land / Cemento širdžių žemė (2014)
Ripples / Pulsacija (2011)
Waldron Panorama / Valdrono panorama (2011)
Deptford / Deptfordas (2009)