Neringa Starkevičiūtė

Neringa Starkevičiūtė (b. 1992) has obtained a graduate diploma of Cinematography in 2016, and got her BA in Film Directing in 2018 at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. The short documentary film “There Will Be More Springs” is her graduation film. Since 2011, she worked at the company “Televizijos komunikacijos” as a video editing director, and from 2018 she has been working as a TV show director at the national television.


Restoration Of The Monument Of The Convention Of Tauroggen / Tauragės konvencijos paminklo atstatymas (2012, short documentary)
In The Secret Of Gaure / Gaurės paslapty (2012, short documentary)
Around The World / Aplink pasaulį (2016, short documentary)
Tragedy Of Irka / Irkos tragedija (2017, short fiction based on a novel by Š. Ragana “Tragedy of Irka”)
There Will Be More Springs To Come / Pavasarių dar bus (2018, short documentary)