Mija Kembrė

“Hi guys! It’s me – Mia. If you’ll agree with me, it’s a bit funny my parents named me after a character of a druglord’s wife from Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction. I’ve got a theory nevertheless – that’s when they preprogrammed me to have a long-term relationship with visual arts. Since early childhood, I wouldn’t let go of my VHS camera, which, in family gatherings, annoyed my family members that were not so thrilled to be starring in my ambitious movie projects.

So here I am – holding a degree in film directing from the Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius and an award of best music video director in Lithuania. Seeing the world through the camera lens inspired me to look deeper into seemingly ordinary things, much like looking into a drop of water through a microscope reveals a whole new universe. I believe that the world of film is where this point of view gets to be purified and magnified. In my work, I seek to awaken curiosity and look for magical points of view that we all secretly seek in our romanticized idea of life.”


Time will come / Laikas dar ateis (2022, short fiction)