Marija Kavtaradzė

Marija Kavtaradze was born in 1991. She started studying Film directing in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, TV and Film faculty, in 2010. In 2014 she graduated her studies and continued Master degree studies in the same Academy. Her graduate work short film “I‘m twenty something” was awarded for the best student work by Lithuanian Film Academy association ‘Silver Crane 2015’ awards.


Before Falling / Paskutinis žmogus, su kuriuo aš kalbėjau (2010, short fiction)
Washed Fairytale / Išskalbta pasaka (2010, short fiction)
Normal people don’t explode themselves / Normalūs žmonės nesisprogdina (2013, short fiction)
Youngblood / Pasakyk, kad neskaudės (2013, short fiction)
The Accident / Avarija (2013, feature fiction)
Floor scrapers / Parketo skūtėjai (2014, short experimental)
I’m Twenty Something / Man dvim keli (2014, short fiction)
Igloo / Iglu (2015, short fiction)
Summer Survivors / Išgyventi vasarą (2018, feature fiction)