Jorė Janavičiūtė

Jorė Janavičiūtė has a BA in Journalism from Vilnius University (2014), has completed a Film Production course in European Film College in Denmark (2015) and holds a Film Directing MA from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (2018). Her previous short films were screened in a number of festivals around the world and won awards. Jorė is currently developing new film projects, lecturing at Vilnius University, writing articles for Lithuanian media as well as working in casting on film and commercial productions.


Where Things, Where People Disappear / Kur dingsta daiktai, kur dingsta žmonės (2017, short fiction)
On Time / Laiku (2019, short fiction)
<3 / Less Than Three / <3 / Mažiau nei trys (2019, short documentary)
Parking Lot / Automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė (2021, short fiction)
How To Be A Human Being / Kaip būti žmogumi (2022, short fiction)