Gintarė Parulytė

Gintarė Parulytė is a Lithuanian-born actress, author, theatre director, and filmmaker from Luxembourg. After having worked as an actress in both national and international theatre and film productions, she wrote and directed the short films “Is That, Like, Your Real Job?” about an actress’ humiliations and her final rising, as well as “And He Said Yes!” about a wedding planner’s appointment gone wrong (both produced by Red Lion). The script of the latter film was selected among the six best short comedy scripts from around the world by the “Torino Short Film Market”,  and the film won the Panorama "Divergent Minds” award at the Tirana International Film Festival. She also co-wrote the script of the short film “You Kai” (produced by Paul Thiltges) about an unaccompanied refugee girl’s story of escape, co-directed the short documentary “Aftermath, Afterpath” (produced by Filmreakter, Wady Films, and Les Films Fauves) about women’s stories of body-shaming, and launched the Web Series “Ladybits” (produced by Deal Productions) about two best friends and actresses. Her latest short film, “Date Night,” is her third collaboration with Red Lion, with whom she is currently developing her
first feature film, and she is equally in the development of “First Day,” an Anthology Series, with every episode set in a different European country, produced by Deal Productions.

Always in search of the truth, the personal, and the intimate, she yearns to talk about all things uncomfortable, awkward, and absurd, with the hopeful wish to make people feel less alone and more united as a means to heal, grow, and thrive.


Is That, Like, Your Real Job? (short, 2019)

You Kai [co-writer] (short, 2021)

Aftermath, Aftermath [co-director] (short, 2021)

Ladybits (webseries, 2021)

And He Said Yes (short, 2022)

Date Night (short, 2023)

Aš čia / I’m Here ( 2024, short fiction)