Gianluca Sodaro

Gianluca was born in Sicily on Christmas Eve. He is a graduate of Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design (NABA). Gianluca’s first feature film is Cuore scatenato (Raging Heart), which he co-wrote and directed. His most important short film to date is The Paladins of The Holy Providence. It has been shown and won awards at a large number of festivals including Uppsala, Palm Springs, Annecy, Huesca, Metz, Brisbane, Stockholm, Siena and Turin. Gianluca adores the sound of cicadas.


The Paladins of the Holy Providence / Dievo apvaizdos paladinai (1997, short fiction)
The Voice of My Beloved! / Mano mylimojo balsas! (1997, short fiction)
Don Mariano Has Fallen from the Sky / Don Marianas nukrito iš dangaus (1998, short fiction)
Raging Heart / Laukinė širdis (2003, fiction)
God’s Got His Head in the Clouds / Ką Dievas sau galvoja? (2012, short fiction)
Làssami: Leave Me (2015, short fiction)
Nowhen (2018, short fiction)