Dali Rust

Dali Rust (Dalia Cibauskaitė) graduated from the Faculty of Economics and the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University. She is a member of the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union, the founder and director of the non-profit organization Eik ART. The director has created these films since 2007.


Matrosovka / Matrosovka (2007, short documentary)
The Keeper of Time / Laiko saugotojas (2009, documentary)
Nadiezda / Nadiežda (2011, 32 min., documentary)
Boundary zone / Ribinė zona (2011, 25 min., documentary)
Zone / Zona (2012, 23 min., documentary)
Marina House / Marinos namai (2012, 54 min., documentary)
in memory of ornithologist Vytautas Pareigis… / ornitologui Vytautui Pareigiui atminti
ir… (2013, 13 min., documentary)
Balcon de EUROPA (2019, 60 min., documentary)
Woman standing on a bridge / Stovinčioji ant tilto (2020, 67 min., documentary)
276 steps towards EUROPE / 276 žingsniai link EUROPOS (together with Kostas
Radlinskas, 2021, interactive film project)
Expectations and Other products / Lūkesčiai ir kitos prekės (2023, short fiction)