Akvilė Žilionytė

Akvilė Žilionytė (b. 1987) studied Linguistics and Literature at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. She has published two books. In 2018, Akvilė got her MA in Film Directing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Her first short documentary “The Daytime Is Not For Me” premiered at Hamburg Short Film Festival 2018, and was screened in Vienna, Tirana, Vilnius, Riga, Berlin, Istanbul and other international film festivals. Her second short documentary “A Piece For Two Hands” had its world premiere at the “Sound & Image Challenge” International Film Festival 2018 in Macau. Akvilė’s newest documentary film “Windows” premiered at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.


The Daytime Is Not For Me / Diena man ne (2017, short documentary)
A Piece For Two Hands / Pjesė dviem rankoms (2018, short documentary/fiction)
Windows / Langai (2018, short documentary)