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“Comic Con Baltics”: Family friendly Lithuanian short film programme SHOW ME SHORTS

“Comic Con Baltics” is an annual popular culture event held in Vilnius, Lithuania exhibition centre “Litexpo”. The 2019 event will take place on September 21st and 22nd.
Lithuanian Short Film Agency together with “Comic Con Baltics” presents LITHUANIAN SHORTS CINEMA HALL. Come and see many original, colourful and inspiring short films created by promising filmmakers from Lithuania and other European countries.
Find “Comic Con Baltics” programme here
Family friendly Lithuanian short film programme SHOW ME SHORTS
Sunday is the day for great cinema for the whole family. Show Me Shorts is Lithuanian short film programme sending diverse messages and presenting original visual universes. We believe that watching these great shorts the interaction with cinematic world will be no less than unforgettable and wonderful.
Total duration: 84 minutes
Screening: 22 September, Sunday, 12:00
Programme films:
Woods / Miškas
dir. Ignas Meiliūnas / animation / 2015 / 12’
The old hermit scientist tries to catch the mythical creature, who lives in the forest and glows in the dark, in order to fill his Exclusive Collection. He constructs a trap but soon gets into the uncomfortable situation himself.
Mr. Night Has a Day Off / Pono Nakties laisvadienis
dir. Ignas Meiliūnas / animation / 2016 / 2’
Why is the night changing the day? When you don’t like something, you change it.
After Death, Before Hell / Po mirties, prieš pragarą
dir. Tomas Ramanauskas / animation / 2017 / 10’
A true story of the most unfortunate criminal ever to walk the Earth, who starts living his life only after he dies.
Junction / Virsmas
dir. Nathan Jurevicius / animation / 2016 / 7’
Short animation movie, based on Nathan’s Jurevicius award winning graphic novel. For generations the Face Changers have made the clay tokens that alter the winds and faces of their kin. This month the youngest is tasked to take the ten thousand footsteps to the top of the east mountain and engulf the town in the winds of change. Innovative, colorful animation invites to travel into magical world.
Noroutine / Nerutina
dir. Jūratė Samulionytė / fiction / animation / 2007 / 15’
As usually, Henrikas wakes up and goes to his job every morning. But today is the day, when he suddenly finds a mysterious white ribbon. Follow where the white line flows. Escape routine.
The Shoe / Batas
dir. Airidas Janušauskas / fiction / 2016 / 8’
One a bit casual day Valentina comes into Romain’s world. At first sight, calm like a lamb little woman makes unique challenges for Romain. Of course, Valentina is not that woman who you can get so easily. Vainly searching for the slightest admiration and with no questions, Romain digests Japanese fan, ten meters of
rope, a kilo of cherry pits and three red fishes. However, there must be something more. Something essential in order to satisfy the whims of the beloved Valentina.
The Queen of England Stole My Parents / Anglijos karalienė pagrobė mano tėvus
dir. Ernestas Jankauskas / fiction / 2014 / 30’
6 years old Milda lives with her aunt. Street kids call her ‚orphan‘: it‘s been two years since her parents have emigrated. One day Milda gets acquainted with a strange woman who convinces the girl that her parents can‘t return, as they have been kidnapped by the very Queen of England. The girl decides to head for the biggest rescue mission of her life. During her journey Milda starts facing bigger and bigger hardships with every step she takes, but the biggest of them all ultimately turns out to be facing herself.