Laura Tamošiūnaitė-Šakalienė

Laura was born in Vilnius, in the family of musicians. She is Alumni of Mega Plus International Master’s in Audiovisual management, her second Master diploma is in Film directing (LMTA). For eight years, she has worked as a producer of audiovisual projects. Laura is actively creating director and is in pre-production stage of another surrealistic short film called “Poor happiness, but mine” and a feature length fiction film, written by the same Lithuanian novelist Jaroslav Melnik, as her previous short film “Visiting God”, based on the same surrealist writer.


Rhythm Of The Nights / Ritme nakties (2016, short documentary)
Woman And Time Passing By / Moteris ir slenkantis laikas (2016, short fiction)
Visiting God / Svečiuose pas Dievą (2017, short fiction)
A Dream Of The Sleeping Bull / Miegančio jaučio sapnas (2017, short documentary)
The Sermon / Pamokslas (2017, short documentary)
Out Like A Light / Laimei einant, užmigęs buvau (2019, short fiction)
Fanaberia. Switch on the light / Fanaberija. Įsijunk šviesą (2020m., short fiction, based on A. Jodorowsky comics from a book “The Panic Fables”)
Small happiness, but mine / Maža laimė, bet mano (2021m., short fiction)
Royal Room / Rojalio kambarys (2021m., fiction)